Major Events

3rd ASTHA Exhibition

The ASTHA Architecture Exhibition(AAE) has everything you need to navigate the vibrant architecture scene. Since 2015, our mission has been to communicate the diverse array of architecture-related programmes that takes place at our college. And this year with HEx the sole motive is to establish a trend and convey the co-operative & collaborative nature of students from different faculties of our college.

Smart Nepal

Smart Nepal in a thematic event, based on how we can make development activities as well as lifestyle of people of Nepal “Smart”. “Smart Nepal” is an initiative to allow students from different faculties to collaborate and work on a single project. Students from at least 2 faculty are to make up a team. “Smart” means giving less input to get a much greater output.


Hardware Competition is competition for hardware projects and robotics which provides an effective learning approach for students. It is competition based learning which helps students gain a greater and deeper understanding of scientific and mathematical principles in an applied manner.


The competitive elements of the competition based learning activities will provide an important additional dimension to innovative learning.This software competition of HEx 2017 is an attempt or a research to apply the brilliant ideas of Nepalese students in innovative software development.

Civil Model

With this hope of improvising and enhancing the present technology, HEx 2017 will present civil demonstration for the enrolled students to help make a change in the technology and become trend setters of the nation for development in the civil and structural field of the nation.

Technical Quiz

With a little time for brainstorming and a little fun with a small amount of competitive environment, HEx 2017 will be conducting a civil quiz for all the engineering students to freshen up the mind and have a competitive environment around student.


Latest Updates


AR Unity 3D Project with Source Code

Project-AR-01-Traffic-System-Unity-Project Develop For Hex 2017 Exhibition App Demo Video Also See videos below Autonomous Intersection Management: Traffic Control for the Future The Simple Solution to Traffic

HEX 2017 Web Game

HEX Web Game

Hex 2017 Web Game How to Play?


HEX 2017

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Minor Events


Photographs tell a story on their own. Photography itself being a very interesting as well as educative topic, HEx 2017 allows participants to display photos they’ve taken on the topic “Rebuilding Nepal”.


Code camp

Code camp will be an opportunity for participants to enhance their programming ability and learn new and modern technology. The participants will be able to pitch in their ideas and learn about feasibility of their project, and get mentoring in the areas, they lack ideas and skills.

Key Organizers

Civil Club

Robotics Club


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